Swan 54


Bluewater sailing is a concept that encompasses a world of open spaces, distant horizons and long distance cruising. Since the creation of the first model, the Swan 36 in 1966, all Swans are built with safety, comfort, performance and style in mind.

Designed by German Frers, the Swan 54 is a pure bluewater cruiser. The contained freeboard and deep V hull, ensures smooth sailing in rough conditions.

The moderate displacement hull and high performance lead keel give the Swan 54 a particularly stable and smooth motion in a seaway. In addition, the high aspect ratio of the rudder provides impressive control, increasing the pleasure of helming.

The Swan 54 is also available with variable draught (1.4 metres), with an efficient daggerboard and twin rudders.

Model Year 2019


Even the best thing in the world can be improved, at least in details. Taking advantage from our experience as well as listening to suggestions coming from our owners, captains and experts, we constantly and rigorously test every new Swan model, from launch through early life in order to improve our boats - keeping them updated in terms of technology, safety, comfort and changes in regulations. This passionate attention to improvement is one of the key reasons why Swan yachts are the most appreciated boats in the world. This process was obviously applied to our successful and beloved Swan 54.

The outstanding Swan 54 just got even better.