Swan 95 Lot99 Refit at Oy Nautor Ab

Swan 95, Lot 99, boasts an exciting and diverse yachting narrative which includes no less than a 55000nm circumnavigation. During her round-the-world trip Lot 99 rounded the Cape of Good Hope and participated in the RORC Caribbean 600 race.
The owner says: “Lot 99 is a very comfortable boat that makes you feel confident under any circumstances. Below deck, it is very quiet and comfortable and on deck, she is very responsive to the helm and greedy for wind. Although you always feel in control, it never becomes boring. The boat is very well balanced and easy to trim. She is a joy to sail. And a joy to be on. We like to call it home…”
Lot99 is now back at our facility in Jakobstad for an extensive refit period which includes service and warranty work. She’ll be launched in June 2021 again in a perfect shape for her future adventures, whether enjoying the thrills and spills of racing or indulging in unsurpassable comfort on a family cruise.