Spirit Of Helsinki Triumphs In The Ocean Globe Race

A monumental day for Nautor Swan as the Finnish yacht, Spirit of Helsinki, crosses the finish line, marking a victorious end to one of the world’s most challenging sailing adventures. This Swan 651, with its rich history from the 1986 Whitbread as Fazer Finland, has once again proven the enduring prowess and legacy of Swan craftsmanship.
After an intense journey of 7,672 miles over 39 days, 20 hours, 10 minutes, and 46 seconds, Jussi Paavoseppä and his dedicated crew have masterfully navigated the seas, positioning themselves ahead of the competition and sealing their victory.
As the Finnish saying goes, “Vain Suomi jutut – TORILLE!” – Only Finnish things, to the market square! Today, we celebrate not just a race, but the timeless design, performance, and spirit of Swan yachts.
In raising a toast to the Spirit of Helsinki and their incredible achievement, we’d like to highlight the reliability and the strength the Swans capable to face every sea in every condition.
This make us proud to say: A Swan is a Swan.

Big congrats to Jussi, Ian, and the entire crew, on this monumental victory!