The bi-annual event organized by Nautor Swan, ClubSwan Racing, the City of Turku, Turku Yacht Club, Merikeskus Forum Marinum and Sunborn Events, was held from 19 to 23 July with more than thirty Swans participating: from the very first Swan 36 Tarantella to the latest model of the range, three examples of the brand-new Swan 55, MayFujin and Truelove, representing both heritage and contemporary models.
With light to medium breeze along the three racing days, the fleet was able to accomplish all the scheduled races, with coastal courses taking advantage of the multiple options that the Archipelago offers.
All teams proved to compete fiercely to take home the title, racing with fairness and having some serious fun.
The amazing performance by Swan 45 Aurora, confirmed her leadership, and as per 2021, she won with straight bullets in ORC1 (1-1-1).
Swan 55 Truelove, at her début in the racing world showed great abilities, proving to be an important competitor to beat, placing 3rd in ORC1.
Swan 43 Sunchaser won in the ORC2 category with faultless scorecard, while in ORC3 the podium was occupied by all Swan 36s. Year after year the model that marked the start of this iconic brand, is still demonstrating to be a great performer, able to face every race and ocean.
Swan 36 Aurora placed first, while a special mention goes to Swan 36 Tarantella, the first Swan yacht ever built, that was sailed by an all-female crew, under the coaching of Lorenzo Giacomuzzi, OY Nautor Project Manager that commented this extraordinary experience as follows: “Together with some colleagues we decide to take part to the Swan European Regatta. My crew, Aurora Ferne’, Pialina Ainasoja, Lina Karlström and Helka Pirinen was very keen to perform for our brand onboard such an iconic boat. Despite a relatively short training time, we all performed well and succeeded in pushing Tarantella to her limits. Participating in this exciting event aboard the mighty Swan 36 Tarantella has been an absolute honour — her performance continues to amaze everyone!”

Enthusiasm was also expressed by Federico Michetti, Head of Sport Activities at Nautor Swan: “The Swan European Regatta is something very special. This edition has represented the best coming together of iconic models, representing Nautor Swan heritage and newly-launched yachts. Seeing a state-of-the art Swan 55 racing next to a Swan 36 aged nearly 60 years is something that makes me really proud.
Sailing in Finland, and moreover in this wonderful Archipelago, represent something unique and special for every Swan yacht.”

Ashore as well the 2023 edition of the Swan European Regatta offered something special, with the Owners’ Dinner on Friday night at the Turku Castle, and a packed prize-giving ceremony followed by the crew party, celebrating the love for the sport of sailing in the perfect Spirit of Swan.
During the Ceremony, Nautor Swan Global Service, a Nautor division, crowned the fleet of six attending Swan 43 as best maintained Swan(s), celebrating the beauty of the boats together with the commitment of the owners in taking good care of them.
The event director of the city of Turku, Antti Kirkkola, commented: “Swan European Regatta has always been a significant event for the city of Turku. This year, the accompanying social events program further enhances its importance and together with Nautor Swan we are able to offer unique experiences for both sailors and spectators. I am delighted that the regatta brings competitors to sail in the world’s most beautiful archipelago and showcases the stunning Swan sailboats in Turku.”
Giovanni Pomati, Nautor Group CEO added: “The Swan European Regatta is a reminder for all of us to strive to do our best to continue to deliver beautiful and performing boats, lasting over decades and giving joy and a sense of belonging to a community sharing the same passion for sailing. We will keep working hard to make sure the positive and energetic vibe we had here in Turku will go on and be passed to future generations.”