In conversation with Vanni Galgani, Head of Product Marketing Swan & Swan Maxi Yachts

Nautor Swan launched the Swan 108 project in 2021, during the Regate di Primavera in Portofino. How was the genesis of the project?

After the considerable success of previous models – Swan 95 and 98, Swan 115 and 120 (10 units sold in total) – Nautor Management and our Project Team debated on what the future for Swan Maxis should be. As always, the starting point of the project drew on a number of key references: the significant know-how gained on previous models, the experience of our Owners, as well as feedback from captains, crew and guests, then finally, our in-house teams testing our boats as intensively as possible. This process has remained the same from the very beginning of Nautor, proud of producing fine maxi yachts since 1970, across hundreds of units. This is probably our greatest strength.

This model benefits from the cooperation of three great names in the design panorama. Germán Frers, Lucio Micheletti and Misa Poggi. How was their collective expertise put to effective service for this new model?

Germán Frers, the Grand Maestro, has been Nautor’s resident designer since 1980. He has designed for us circa 30 different maxi models. This together with the many, many renowned maxi designs realised for other customers, including one-offs that dominated the racing field since the early 80s. He is one of the ‘Master of the Maxis’. His experience, style, knowledge are all brought to every project from decades of design work. Nevertheless, what is unbelievable is the freshness of every new design coming from his pencil. Look at the new maxis we have in our line: they are the representation of an evolution, but what a jump!

The Swan 108 also represents the first project for Nautor Swan where Studio Micheletti + Partners have given their expert contribution. Lucio Micheletti, with his renowned experience in car design as well as other architectural fields, has developed during the years a great passion and knowledge in designing deck, superstructure and interiors for a number of notable yachts. His valued contribution, has given our new maxi line – Swan 88, Swan 108 and Swan 128 – a dynamic new character. If it’s true that superstructure, namely the coach roof, gives the face to a yacht, Lucio is an experienced sculptor and artist. Working together with Nautor’s in-house interior design department, Misa Poggi’s taste and style gives to our interiors a special flavour, combining Scandinavian moods and colours with a touch of Italian style and subtle luxury from top-quality materials. The result of this dream-team are yachts with a strong identity, which combine different cultures and know-how.

The Swan 108 is the fruit of an amazing research of talents, skillfully orchestrated by Giovanni Pomati, our CEO, able to put on the table their know-how and mix it with the other, to create a beautiful and unique product.

The Swan 108 will be the first Swan Maxi of the Swan Maxi New Era. What does it mean? What remains from the past and what has been left behind?

As always for Swan and Swan Maxi Yachts, we evolve but never revolutionize (we have ClubSwan for this). The new superyacht models clearly demonstrate this. They take the very best from the recent 98 and 120 and are in line with other models we have in our line. However, we apply the ethos of always striving to do things better on any new models we develop. These Maxis benefit from a lot of experience from previous models, starting from naval architecture.

The naval architecture evolution, with improved volume distribution in the canoe body and a consequent re-distribution of the sail area with the mast moving aft, brings also benefits to the interior overall arrangement, as well as on deck. For example, on the Swan 108 and Swan 88 the mast “jumps” on top of the coach roof, allowing a more organic design together with an enhanced luminosity and feeling of space inside. Then there is the style, the general look of the boat. Here is where evolution is more evident, with more harmonious hull shapes and a completely new design for the superstructure. You see a new breath here…

The Swan 108 presents some features never seen on a Swan yacht before. Can you walk us through them?

The new Maxi family comes with many new features. One of the most important innovations is, arguably, the new dual-acting transom door. This simple yet robustly engineered mechanism, is a major “small” revolution. By pushing a couple of buttons, the stern opens along with part of the aft deck to give the customer an over-sized beach club, circa 15 sqm. This is something never seen on a yacht of this kind, which allows you to effectively double the available space for this important area of the boat, as well as making tender management far easier. All this without any compromise on interior volumes. 

Another clear detail is the lowered bowsprit position, which brings aesthetic benefits as well as practicality. On deck, the coamings widen in the aft part of the cockpit, allowing a further outboard position for the steering stations while still maintaining good helm protection. The extra-large main companionway is another new feature never seen on a Swan, providing an incredible light-well for the interior. This is just to mention the more obvious elements, but I invite you all to visit our latest yacht, and discover the dozens of new features that make the Swan 108 so fresh and innovative, whilst still remaining consistent with the Swan tradition.