In Conversation with: Fabio Marcellino, Power Boats Chief Operations Officer

Nautor Swan presents the team behind the scenes of its marvellous and iconic yachts, whether we talk about sailing or power yacht.
Fabio Marcellino, acting as Power Boats Chief Operations Officer, is the latest addition to the team. He joined the company on September first and made his début at the Maxi Swan Press Conference and designer panels on the occasion of Monaco Yacht Show last September. 

Question: Fabio, you are the latest addition to the Nautor Swan team, in charge of the development of the power yacht division; what is your feeling about joining the team:
Fabio: “I’m proud to be part of this positive and proactive team, and I’m 100% dedicated to the power yacht division to have it reach the same standards as the iconic sailing yachts. I have 22 years of experience in the motor yacht industry and working with Roy, Michelangelo and Jarkko I will strive to do my best and present the world with new models”.

Question: Nautor Swan is an icon in the sailing yacht segment. Are you aiming to do the same with the power? If so, what is your primary challenge?
Fabio: Nautor Swan entered the powerboat market with a stimulating concept and clear ideas. The goal is to make not only a head-turning boat but an exciting, reliable and timeless range of products dedicated to connoisseurs.

Question: You will be working with Michelangelo Casadei, Nautor Group CTOO, Roy Capasso, Commercial Director and Jarkko Jamsen, the designer. How does this quartet work together?
Fabio: I’ve worked with Michelangelo in the past, and I’ve known Roy since the very beginning of my experience in the Marine Industry. In contrast, I met Jarkko just a few months ago, and we bonded immediately. We are very different and very similar; we work for the same goal, putting our diverse expertise and know-how on the table and, of course, the drive to build a very successful, elegant and seaworthy boat. 
We are a very synergic “quartet”, each of us playing a different instrument to create the perfect melody.

Question: You joined the team with the first model launched and the second on the verge of being started. What are the strengths of these two products in a crowded market, as you are an expert in the field?
Fabio: Well, when Nautor decided to enter the power yacht segment, it was due to a very innovative yacht. A 42 feet, fully customizable in the cockpit and able to meet every customer’s need. Swan Shadow could be a chase boat, a limousine tender, a day-cruiser boat, and a weekender for those who love spending the night under a starry sky.
Swan Overshadow, instead, is more what you call “Gran Turismo” in the automotive sector. It saves the characteristics of being a chase boat or a tender but with more space and usability for owners willing to spend more than a couple of days onboard. In addition, both models embody the elegance, seaworthy and quality proper of a Swan. Everything is in the perfect Swan DNA, from the hull to the details, and I genuinely believe these elements make Swan Shadow stand out.

Question: A word to explain your new adventure
Fabio: Inspiring!