Boat Industry Export Day – A day to celebrate the boat building tradition

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Since the 18th century, the region of Jakobstad has become famous for its great boatbuilding traditions. The region is home to two of the world’s leading players in luxury sailing, Nautor’s Swan and Baltic Yachts, both of which have been responsible for carrying this enviable reputation around the world.
Today, 28th of June, the Jakobstad Region, together with Nautor, Baltic, and their local partners in the marine industry, has celebrated the outstanding results they continue to achieve.
With more than 35 yachts due to be delivered this summer, with a value over €200 million, the Region, situated only 450km from the Arctic Circle, is achieving unprecedented results benefitting the entire territory with revenues derived from export.
Hosted at Nautor’s Swan BTC and Baltic facilities, the event has been an opportunity to meet the people responsible for this success and to visit their world beating boat yards. Guests have had the opportunity to step aboard some of the state-of-the-art luxury yachts that are about to set sail and carry their owners to the most remote destinations in the world.

“Jakobstad has a long tradition in building boats but the most mesmerizing thing is that it is a tradition keeping up with innovation. The new generation at Nautor’s treasures what they’ve been taught and also bring new points of views, new competences evolving the processes. Additionally, these last months, with the launch of three maxis, Swan 120, ClubSwan 125 and the 4th 98, together with the Swans 48s, 58s, 65 and 78 have been very intense filling us with pride and sense of belonging” says Giovanni Pomati, Nautor Group CEO. “It’s an honor for me to be part of this celebration of the marine industry, but more specifically of Ostrobothnia today, and I look forward to continuing to experience a growth like this in the years to come.”

“I am delighted to say that business is booming at Baltic Yachts, with three recent launchings and three new commissions already in 2021,” said Baltic Yachts’ CEO Anders Kurtén.” I can attribute this success to the phenomenal Baltic Family workforce which has evolved over many years and has its roots firmly in the Ostrobothnia region. The team’s ability to innovate and be at the very leading edge of marine technology has helped build an unmatched reputation which is respected around the world. It’s something we should be very proud of because it bodes well for an even more successful future.”