Classic Yacht Symposium - Helsinki, March 2nd

On March 2nd our Finnish Friends of the HSS organized the Classic Yacht Symposium in Helsinki. Participants had the chance to listen to some knowledgeable people, e.g. Donald Tofias and John Lemmerts van Bueren, probably one of the best connoisseur on classic meter boats.
Lars Strom and Matteo Salamon were at the Symposium on behalf the S&S Swan Association, and talked to a very crowded audience of passionate classic sailors (specifically gathered in Finland from all over Europe and USA) about the “brain” behind classic S&S designed Swan, namely Rod Stephens, and the hectic activity of the S&S Swan Association, which is today 19 years old, and have 604 Members worldwide (824 S&S built Swan). They finally introduced the forthcoming new book written by Juan E. Corradi, the first one where the Guest Star is a Swan: S&S Swan 38/019 Pirate.