Swan 78

Under Sail

Sailing a Swan 78 is an experience that instantly explains the latest design trends for sailing yachts. The first feature that emerges is her extreme stability during sailing, made possible through her twin rudders. Indeed, as heel angle increases, the geometry in the water alters to adapt to the new position. The windward rudder lifts while the leeward one dips progressively, becoming more perpendicular and at the same time more efficient. Heeling stability is guaranteed – with the first few degrees of heel, the hull form facilitates prompt acceleration even in light conditions. Heel angle stabilises at around 20 degrees, remaining symmetrical and balanced throughout. Beyond this inclination, the hull shape contributes dynamically to the vertical force provided by the T-shaped keel, maintaining the optimal hull position. All this translates into two fundamental and apparently opposite effects. These are that performance is optimised keeping the hull sailing to its lines and therefore all the naval architecture including keel and rudders at maximum efficiency, and at the same time the yacht remains comfortable and liveable, allowing life on board to continue normally even when sailing upwind for long distances. If her performance off-wind appears obvious, the new Swan 78 amazes even more upwind. Perfect balance translates into unexpected agility, with the helms remaining light. The rudders, almost always at centre, are only necessary for changing course. This allows those on board to play amongst the waves and promptly follow wind shifts. The Swan 78 allows her crew to sail at double digit boat speeds constantly and safely, easily managing manoeuvres from around the twin helms. At anchor, the various areas for relaxing, protected from or immersed in the elements, allows those on board to fully enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Swan 78 Configurator

Let’s go on http://www.swan78.com/configurator/ and create your dream Swan yacht - changing the colours, the lines, optional equipment and defining the interiors and lighting. Then when everything is set, made a picture with the dedicated button downloading it directly onto you device or share it on facebook (remember to tag @nautorswan_official).