Swan Challenges

ClubSwan recognizes Swan owners competing in the world’s most important offshore regattas with beautifully handcrafted Asprey Swan Challenge trophies.

The Swan Challenge trophies will be awarded based upon the following scoring:

1. If the event produces final overall combined results for all Classes, the highest placed Swan shall be the winner.
2. If the event produces results for each Class but not an overall set of results, the Swan with the highest finishing place in the Class with highest number of Swan, will be the winner.
3. If there are two or more Swans finishing in the same position in their respective Class, with same number of Swans, the Swan racing in the Class with highest number of participants, shall be the winner.
4. If this process does not result in the tie being broken, the trophy shall be shared.


2019 Swan Challenge Trophies


2018 Swan Challenge Trophies


2017 Swan Challenge Trophies