Swan 60 S

Under Sail

The sailing experience offered by the Swan 60 S is unique in its kind: thoroughbred per- formance in a long distance bluewater design. The Frers hull has sleek elegant lines, with little wetted surface and a marked tendency to lift above its standing wave and provide the excitement and speed of surfing with daily averages during crossings that would satisfy ocean racers.

Confirmation of the yacht’s performance pedigree can be found in its appendages, de- signed without compromise, that allow for perfect handling and a high righting moment. These features combine to create a yacht that is reactive, fun and ready to respond to any rig or sail adjustment. The deck is arranged so as to make handling easy for a limited crew. The sheet winches are all at the centre of the cockpit and allow for a couple to handle the yacht with ease.

Meanwhile, the generous sprayhood protects the guest area of the cockpit.
At anchor, the Swan 60 S converts into a perfect platform for relaxation. The guest cockpit can be shaded by a bimini whilst the stern, directly connected to the swimming platform, provides all the comfort of a beach club. Under sail or at anchor, the Swan 60 S will always offer the best of both worlds.