Swan 60 S

Tech Specs

  • The hull has a CorecellTM core with glass/carbon fibre epoxy laminate with local reinforce- ments. It is built in a female mould.
  • The lay-up is of SPRINT®/pre-preg type, giving a stiff laminate with excellent strength and fatigue properties.
  • The hull laminate is cured in an oven.
  • All the stiffeners are pre-made in fibre-glass reinforced epoxy with unidi- rectional carbon fibre reinforcements.
  • The engine beds are integrated in the stiffeners. Special care is taken to assure rigid foundation and proper adhesion to hull.
  • The struc- tural bulkheads are of CorecellTM cored SPRINT®/pre-preg glass/carbon fibre sandwich construction glued and laminated to hull and deck.
  • The mast is stepped through the deck onto a carbon fibre mast step.
  • Tie rods are attached between the mast collar and the step.
  • The composite chain plates are built using pre-preg unidirectional carbon fibre straps laid over stainless steel bushings.
  • The chain plates are attached to the hull using high strength structural adhesives.
  • The hull is painted using polyurethane paint system.
  • The deck is an infused vinylester/fibre glass sandwich construction with Core-cellTM foam core.
  • The deck is glued to the hull using high strength structural adhesives. High density core is located under deck fittings.
  • The side decks, fore deck, cockpit sole and seats are teak covered, using 9 mm quarter cut teak battens with black caulk- ing.
  • The teak deck is vacuum glued using epoxy.
  • There are two removable teak foot rests in way of helmsman.
  • There is 30 mm high teak toe rail forward of the mast.
  • A 3.0 m draft ballast T- keel is bolted to the bottom grid.
  • Keel bolts are of high-tensile stainless steel.
  • The rudder is built using carbon fibre/epoxy skin on a foam core, with a tubular carbon fibre stock.
  • The lower tip of the rudder is designed to break before the stock does.
  • A weed deflector is located in front of the rudder.
  • There are two 1200 mm composite white painted 3-spoke wheels.